Monday, August 27, 2007

Back in Polonnaruwa

I like Polonnaruwa very much. So many reasons. Good memories. Nilvala and I began life here in Polonnaruwa as she started her internship in Polonnaruwa in 1995. We me interesting people. Saw interesting things. Good time. Hard time. Memorable time.

For the August school holidays Amanda, Ruch and Mili were taken there. They stayed at Nilvala's quarters. They had a great time. It is good that she got to work there again. Back in Polonnaruwa. Nothing much has changed in Polonnaruwa. Lake, water streams, paddy fields, folks, ruins etc are pretty much the same. But we have changed. Two have become five. Metamorphism is great. But definitely to better.

Enjoy yourself. Lovers. Polonnaruwa

This magnificent stone carving is found in the Sri Lanka’s medieval kingdom, Polonnaruwa. Interesting, it is on pillar of a chamber where the tooth relic is believed to have been kept. Some find it similar to Isurumuniya Lovers in Anuradhapura though it is smaller in size.