Saturday, November 17, 2007

Dissanayake and Hinniappuhami. Wanders

I met these two men : Dissanayake (L) and Hinniappuhami (R), yesterday in Tanamalwila. Chatted with them. Dissanayake is 58 years and Hinniappuhami is 70 years. Former is disabled. Latter pushes the wheel chair. Dissanayake belives that his disability is a result of misadministration of a drug (injection) at a private hospital in Colombo. He was a stone sculptor and can no longer work. His wife has died 8 years ago and he found himself with no support. “My four children do not care for me. The only way to survive is to go from place to place collecting daily expenses."  The duo would go to places where there are religious festivals. They were enroute to Panadura where they are originally from after staying some time in Kataragama. I asked about a tattoed name on the forearm, “it is my eldest daughter. No sooner she was born I got this tattoo done” Dissanayake said. Hie eyes were wet when he remembered his wife with deep affection… “had she been alive, I wont be begging like this”.

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