Sunday, September 28, 2008

Same old people. Ratnapala aiyas' home. 80s

We drove down to Ratnapala aiya and akka's place. After a long time I had a chance of spending time with Ratnapala aiyas. In mid 80s his room at the Uni of Ruhuna was a common room for many of us. Food and drinks were galore. He became a closest family friend and through him came to know a lot of good people. Ratnapala aiya never deserted us in bad times as many did and stood behind us like a shadow as Amma always says.  I still remember the chat I had with the close family at Boossa in one evening. He too was there. Not much of a difference even today - same old people - except for "a few" grey hairs. Kids had a great time. So had we. The day was full of many things - chats, fun, food, acute nostalgia etc etc etc.

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