Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dumburu. Kalu. The first guest. Coming from nowhere. Disappears into thin air

Kalu was the very very first guest to our house. Advancing in his senior age, Kalu knew how to make friends. As he walked into our home no sooner we moved in, Kalu freely roamed inside the house suggesting to us "hey i know this place before you guys". He has now become an everyday visitor for meals. He does not bother anyone other than marking the territory. May be he too is trying to protect territorial integrity as defence forces do world over. Kalu does not stay long when he turns up. Would have his meal, get petted a bit, hang around a bit and then would disappear into thin air. No one knows where he goes and where he comes from. Young and smart female Dumburu's arrival did not go down well with Kalu. Nonetheless Dumburu continues to come for meals. She seems to be a bit of a spoilt one. Knows how to pester to get her meal fast. God knows where she comes and goes too. We are thankful to both of them for giving us the opportunity to share something.

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