Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Happy to have become a nominee in the editorial series. Well, maybe not so happy for not becoming winner !!!

NYPHA’09 Nominations
The Jury of the New York Photo Awards 2009 (NYPHA’09) is pleased to announce the following Nominees.

To be named a nominee of the New York Photo Awards 2009 means that one has been selected for the final round of judging, during which time only three finalists will be chosen (Winner and two Honorable Mentions). Considering the number of rounds that the Jury has already been through, being nominated is truly an award in and of itself. We are very proud of this year’s Nominees. It is clear that they represent the Future of Contemporary Photography, and we wish them continued success.

The Winners and Honorable Mentions will be announced (and their work presented) at the Gala Ceremony for the New York Photo Awards 2009 on Friday, May 15th at 8pm in the St. Ann’s Warehouse Auditorium. This is a special ticketed event, there are only 415 seats, and they are selling out fast. Last year, we packed the place to the gills, and still had another 200+ people flowing out to the streets. So, if you want a seat, you have to have a ticket. Festival passes and tickets can be purchased here.

Without much further ado, the Nominees for the New York Photo Awards 2009 are:



Editorial Series

Dirk-Jan Visser (2 series)
Dima Gavrysh
Ricardo Garcia
Albertina d’Urso (2 series)
Denis Rouvre
Gary Dwyer
Michael Goermann
Coco Amardell
Emilio Morenatti
David Guttenfelder
Oded Balilty
Jerome Delay
Lynsey Addario
Espen Rasmussen (2 series)
Ed Kashi (2 series)
Ryan Carter
Gerald Slota
Christian Als
Ethan James
Gabriele Stabile
Jagath Dheerasekara
Thomas Lekfeldt/Ekstra Bladet
Moises Saman
Matthieu Paley
Clemence de Limburg
Tim Gruber
Finbarr O’Reilly
Alex Majoli
Charles Ommanney
Shaul Schwarz
Q. Sakamaki
Carol Guzy
Michael Corridore
T.J. Kirkpatrick

Finalists for the Short film/video awards will be announced on Friday, May 15th during the Gala Ceremony of the New York Photo Awards 2009.

Thanks to all of our participants and the Jury for the phenomenal collective spirit, passion and energy that has gone into this, the second New York Photo Awards. It has been an inspiring experience for all involved.

Good Luck to our Nominees!

Frank Evers
Chairman of the Jury, New York Photo Awards 2009
Co-Founder/Co-Chairman, New York Photo Festival 2009

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