Thursday, September 27, 2007

Miss Sri Lanka Contest. Waters Edge

I shot backstage. Do enjoy it. I am building my "backstage" series.


Four Women
Artist(Band):Nina Simone

My skin is black
My arms are long
My hair is woolly
My back is strong
Strong enough to take the pain
inflicted again and again
What do they call me
My name is AUNT SARAH
Aunt Sarah

My skin is yellow
My hair is long
Between two worlds
I do belong
My father was rich and white
He forced my mother late one night
What do they call me
My name is SAFFRONIA

My skin is tan,tan
My hair is alright its fine
My hips invite you daddy
and my mouth is like wine
Whose little girl am I?
it is yours if you have some money to buy
What do they call me
My name is SWEET THING
they call me Sweet Thing

My skin is brown
and my manner is tough
I'll kill the first mother I see
'cause my life has to been too rough
I'm awfully bitter these days
because my parents were slaves
What do they call me
My name is PEACHES

I respect Nina Simone a lot. A woman who lived by principles. A woman who marched with Martin Luther King Jr. Woman who never returned to US once settled in France. Woman who sang MISSISSIPPI GODDAMN.

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