Saturday, October 6, 2007

Stephen's room


Youth is joyful. Courageous. Carefree. Daring. Vulnerable. The decade between 13 and 23 is a formative spell. A teen metamorphoses to a young adult who would face many challenges. Greatly influenced by socioeconomic conditions, experience of life and exposure to different social phenomena a young would develop his or her character and individuality. In Sri Lanka, fragmentations of the society on socioeconomic lines is loud and clear. Sometimes it may have taken off the common denominators from the youth, which probably were specific to a time of a particular land. The Sri Lanka’s 30 year ethnic war in which the Tamil people in particular have been severely affected would have spread the fragments among the youth along ethnic lines also. 13/23 essay is an attempt to document youth’s individuality which is reflected in their places of living in Sri Lanka.

This image is from my "13/23" series and it is Stephen Phillip's room. Stephen is a musician, guitarist in particular. What a lovely personality to associate. I got the permission to photograph his room through Smriti.

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