Monday, October 22, 2007

41st wedding anniversary

Ms Helen Perera and Mr Alex Perera who were born in 1931 and 1939 respectively came to celebrate their 41st wedding anniversary at Rosarian Convent, Ragama on Saturday 20 October 2007. I met them there. They have got married on 20.10.1966 at the St Lucia’s Cathedral, Kotahena. Ms Perera said “for last 41 years we never had a chance of having a photo of an anniversary”. They will have their anniversay photo very soon.

When I was in my teens I saw my parents celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary (October 25). It was over night chanting of pirith and dhana on the following day. I did not feel much about it then. It was just fun having good time with friends and having a lot of young girls at home. Now I feel it very very much. Wonderful marriage. Ever faithful to each other. I know for a fact and my mother who is ever kind and generous told me later on that my father had never stayed over night elsewhere in the country for whatever the reason when he was able to travel and drive. He had been travelling a lot all over the island for business. Most of the time he drove himself. Once the job is done he would drive back home irrespective of the time of day. My mother has said to me that he would come home at 2 am, 3 am or 4 am driving from Ampara, Polonnaruwa etc. Was a good father. A good man. Of course temperamental. Listened to none but only to mother. Terrific partner in life for my mother. Taught me the lesson of “ your value is your honour”. He could not tolerate my non-conventional attitudes and behaviour. Wish I had him around now so that he would understand me better. He was ever worried about my future even at his last stage of life, my mother has told me. I had his own reasons to do so.

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