Wednesday, February 11, 2009

No TV. No Game Boy. More fun. MIlith. Bee and the audience

Milith benefitted greatly from our belief that "good TV comes tomorrow". Like an old world child, he would convert any scrap or empty box into a raw material of his creations. As we did with his sister and brother we never bought him expensive toys like battery operated or electronic ones, Game Boy and toy guns. Instead when possible we gave him wooden, rubber or soft toys and building blocks. Ever since he got his first set of building blocks which had been handed down to him from his brother, he fell in love with it. He usually works on a creation for hours and days gathering pieces, removing them and putting them back. Milith improvises the material out of grass, small stones or pebbles, leaves, feathers or any other thing collected from the garden. . He would tell a story about it as well. We have been enjoying his "art pieces" ever since he started producing them. I got a great joy in photographing them. Last couple of days he was busy creating an audience for the Bee who was at a solo performance.

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