Monday, April 20, 2009

Creative writing. Berkelouw book store. Berrima. Genocide

We were introduced to Berkelouw Books by Suzanne.  Berkelouw Books in Berrima ran a series of wonderful creative writing workshops for primary and high school children, recently. The organisers brought top level writers and poets to this exercise. All were volunteers. I enjoyed witnessing the activities around the workshops. Berkelouw Books, no doubt, is a feather in its cap for Berrima, a beautifully quaint town of southern highlands. It  presents a large and varied collection of mostly second hand books. I was intrigued by the history of Berkelow told me by Jenny, an affable lady managing the book store and overseeing the creative writing workshops. Later I met Leo Burkelow, a gentle, polite and a soft-spoken man who is the current owner and forms the fifth generation descendant from the original owners of Berkelow Books of 1812. It is an amazing piece of history as to how the Berkelouws  came to Australia having survived the Holocaust, the genocide of jewish people. 

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